Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is Ham a vegetarian food? How would you react???

A potential client (just because the signed contract is not in my hand yet) contacted me today. The couple is vegetarian. They were visiting home country to visit religious places per tradition after the marriage. They made their holy pilgrimage and were back to the U.S.. Wife is pure vegetarian since birth. Husband is the one who was not eating meat during this particular special week which has quite high religious significance. On the way back, they asked specifically for vegetarian food and got served with Ham Salad. The Ham was mixed up with the salad, and wife, who has not traveled much before, started to eat, half asleep probably. She thought that perhaps it is some kind of finely chopped tamato It was not until husband, who was napping during this time, also started to eat and figured out that there is something wrong. He called hostess and asked for clarification about what kind of salad have they been served with. The answer "Ham Salad" shocked them. Wife ran to the restroom and vomited right away. Both are devastated. Both are shocked and are aghast by the insensitivity to their core religious belief and of course which is violation of their rights. I wonder what a jury comprising of peers would think. In this meat eating society would their beliefs be considered pious or just another fad!!! I am personally disgusted. I welcome your thoughts.