Monday, November 16, 2009

What is Estate Planning? and more!!

"I want to control my property while I am alive and well, care for myself and my loved ones if I become disabled, and be able to give what I have to whom I want, the way I want, and when I want, and, if I can, I want to save every last tax dollar, attorney fees, and court cost possible."

(Courtesy, Generations by Esperti and Peterson). Definition adopted by NNEPA.

Point is make decisions and plans while you can-when you are alive and well.

My wife is leaving for India for two weeks. I will here with our two kids. She started to tell me what to do. I asked her to write everything down. So, now I have notes from kids' doctors to how to make a dish (so-called recipe) to the kids' menu for breakfast to dinner. It helps to have written instructions!

How would the world know what you want or should I say wanted if something happens to you!!