Monday, February 7, 2011

True Moral Dilemma with Deep Financial Implications!!

"Sanchez's hospital records state that she was discharged because she was "an undocumented pt (patient) with no insurance."

This is a true moral dilemma! When I read the story here-Doctor's Order: Go to Mexico, I first went on to read up on Hippocratic Oath. I wondered what would guide the doctor in such situation. The Hippocratic Oath can be found here- Hippocratic Oath. Thanks, Wikipedia.

There have been lots of problems which are byproduct of illegal immigration. This is one of them.

Other problem which has been highlighted lately was around children of illegal immigrants coming of age and not being able to participate in regular social and business life. Dream Act failed- read here-.

Keep in mind, Dream Act was first introduced in 2001. Yes, 10 years ago. This only shows the length someone, namely Congress, namely so called Representatives of the People, have been aware of the problem.

Going back to the main point of this blog. The patient should receive healthcare first -for sure!! This is the exact reason illegal immigration should have a permanent solution. Then I think the hospital should have sued the Federal Govt. for reimbursement. Yes, I am just rambling.

Unless somebody wakes up and realizes the long-term effect of this problem on our economy- yes, which involves, dollars, the problem will continue and keep on harming us, like some sort of slow disease!!